How Can Lana’s Beauty Zone Help to Revitalize Your Skin?

17 Jan 2017
How Can Lana’s Beauty Zone Help to Revitalize Your Skin?

There are lots of spas and beauty therapists in the Bay Area, so why should you choose Lana’s Beauty Zone? There are actually several answers to this question, but the biggest reason to visit us is that we have the products and the expertise to revitalize your skin and body care. But how exactly can we revitalize our clients’ skin? Well, we do these by offering a range of high-quality skin and body care services, which are carefully chosen by our licensed esthetician and skincare expert Svetlana “Lana” Tokar. Specifically, we help our clients with the following:   Rejuvenating the face We’re proud to say that we’re known for providing.

Seaweed — a Life Force

10 Jun 2013

There is a life force that comes from the sea: seaweed facials, body treatments and cosmetics based on the traditions of European Thalassotherapy to rebalance and hydrate your skin. This natural source of beauty – pure energy seaweed – is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins. We use it in products that provide the most advanced scientific benefits, from the most natural, life-affirming source. And that’s what we mean by innovative skin care. Sea escape stone and body therapy creates a yin yang balance throughout your body of utilizing both hot and cold sea stones. During this 90 minutes treatment, various sized stones that also vary in temperature.

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