Tender Eye Contour Cream

The wealth of functional nutrients naturally present in grain sprouts such as Wheatgrass and Buckwheat provide powerful vitality to this novel, anti wrinkle formulation. An Oligopeptides derived from Hibiscus seeds act as safe alternative to interventive injections by minimizing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Gamma Linoleic Acid, derived from Borage seeds, has been added, in the form of phospholipids, to support the skin’s protective barrier against stress and loss of moisture and add to the wrinkle smoothing effect. Rich vegetable squalane mimics the skin?s own lipid components and provides long lasting softness to this luxurious cream. The Greek name Euphrasia (for tender Eyebrihgt flowers) meaning joy, gladness describes well the calming constituents of this extract. The semi occlusive carrier is especially designed to help retain moisture and enhance penetration, in order to obtain maximum benefit from the valuable ingredients. 30 ml.

All skin types.



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