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BIG NEWS: Lana has moved to a new location:

Balisimo Salon & Medspa: 398 State Street, Los Altos, CA 94022


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Visit Lana’s Beauty Zone – a Premier Los Altos Skin Care Services, for highly effective skin and body care where you will receive the personal attention and professional care you deserve. Svetlana “Lana” Tokar is a licensed Esthetician who has been practicing at leading Bay Area spas for over 18 years. Lana specializes in treating aging and problem skin and always selects the highest quality ingredients with proven results. Her philosophy is based on fundamental non-invasive European principles of skincare and she will help to put you on the proper path in your skincare regimen from your spa treatments to lasting results at home.

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What Is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion, also known as microderm, is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. Its benefits are many: microderm softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size, and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots. Microdermabrasion also makes it easier […]



Knowing what products work together, how they benefit your skin, and the order in which to use them is incredibly important when selecting the best skincare routine for you. Skincare Product What is this for? Why do I need this? What results will I see? Cleanser (Step 1) A gentle, water-soluble cleanser removes debris, oil, […]


Lana’s Beauty Zone Services

Facials Lana’s more than 20 years of experience is your secret weapon to glowing younger looking skin and healthy skin. She will guide you to the facial best suited for your skin.
Acne Treatment Lana’s Beauty Zone is specializing in skin care and skin problems. If you want to reduce blemishes and soothe inflammation ask about Lana’s Acne Facial.
Body Treatments Lana’s Beauty Zone premier body treatments use organic, all natural ingredients, including freshly harvested seaweed from the Dead Sea.
Waxing Lana will provide the highest quality experience for your wax. She will take the utmost care to to protect the health and elasticity of the skin,  leaving skin absolutely smooth.

Popular Skin Care Treatments


HydraFacial™, the newest breakthrough in skin resurfacing technology. HydraFacial is the only procedure that integrates cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration simultaneously, saving you time and giving you immediate results.

Classic European Facial

The classic European facial is an essential treatment for any type of skin. The focus of this treatment is to clean and exfoliate the skin, restore water balance, rejuvenate & improve the skins complexion. Exfoliation, massage, extraction and rejuvenation. A deep cleansing facial treatment is very useful for those who suffer from acne and other problem skin conditions.

European Facials vs. American Facials: What is the Difference?

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Anna Lotan GREENS skincare products. The wealth of functional nutrients naturally present in grain sprouts such as Wheatgrass and Buckwheat has inspired the formulation of Greens! Concentrated sprout extracts add vital nutrients and trace elements to give the skin a rejuvenated appearance. Greens is not just another cosmetic alternative for the trendy fashion of anti wrinkle injections.

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