What is Botinol?

This non-invasive anti-aging procedure targets superficial and deep wrinkles! The combination of strong anti-aging actives (such as Retinol) with 5 peptides, produce a Botox®-like action that relaxes and reduces expression lines and wrinkles without the injections. Botinol® is a new technology from marine sources that rejuvenates, revitalizes, re-densifies and energizes the skin. The addition of potent antioxidants – alpha-lipoic acid and soy isoflavone – strengthens the dermis and inhibits the breakdown of the cellular matrix (collagen/elastin). This relaxing treatment offers pleasant textures and exquisite essences to deliver an overall sense of well-being.

To achieve the full effect of this anti-aging repair, the Botinol Facial is recommended in a series of 4 treatments over an 8 week period.  The series of facials will provide the greatest benefit and leave you with the most beautiful, refreshed skin.

We will give you the Signature Botox® like effect without injections. This anti-aging facial effectively reduces superficial lines and deeper wrinkles, using collagen and vegetal filling spheres, this relaxing treatment plumps and redensifies the skin for a rejuvenated appearance. After just one session, up to 97% of wrinkles are visibly reduced. Fine lines and wrinkles are relaxed and smoothed, the face has a more rejuvenated appearance. No Pain! No Risk!

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